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Tiled Living Rooms and Other Unusual Columbus Flooring Ideas

Columbus flooring options keep growing, pattern by pattern and room by room. It’s not just that local homeowners have a wider range of surface options than ever before; it’s that standards are starting to loosen up regarding what is suitable for which room.

We know that some of our Columbus flooring customers will still balk at the notion of installing tile in a living room. For that matter, very traditional customers might have a hard time envisioning anything but carpet. But the fact is that tile is starting to creep out of bathroom and kitchens, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t.

The usual advantages of tile can easily be appreciated in living rooms as well as kitchens. These include water resistance and ease of cleaning. If your Columbus flooring is heavily trafficked during times when the weather is unpredictable, than it can be very worthwhile to have a living room surface that copes well with moisture. And if you’re following a trend of small-scale living, you might also appreciate having a surface that doesn’t require a vacuum cleaner.

Of course, this latter selling also applies to hardwood, and it’s a small part of the reason why we don’t anticipate much of a decline in popularity for that Columbus flooring option. Still, hardwood is more difficult to clean thoroughly, and it obviously creates a different overall impression. Some customers are sure to associate most hardwoods with a sort of old world style, while a tiled living room may put them on the leading edge of Columbus flooring trends.

It would be one thing we were talking about tile that actually looks the same as what you’d see in a typical bathroom. But if that’s all you picture when we use the word, then you should consider taking a look at Fedco Floor Services’ catalogue and exploring the different types of patterned tile that are available.

A wide range of color options allows you to perfectly coordinate your Columbus flooring with your walls, cabinets, and furnishings. And tile flooring installation can be customized in ways that almost emulate patterned carpet. The upshot is that you just might end up with a living room that looks fairly traditional at first glance, but provides an unexpected sensation underfoot while also boasting very practical features.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t feel the need to remain confined when exploring Columbus flooring options. If you have ideas that seem atypical or outside-the-box, we’d love to discuss them with you. You might just start a new local trend.


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