Vinyl Tile: a Union of Practicality and Aesthetics


Functioning as a sort of evolved and more modern version of linoleum, vinyl tile is increasingly catching on as a low-cost and highly customizable option for flooring in residential kitchens and bathrooms. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has experience with the surface, which is waterproof, easily cleaned, and warmer to the touch than traditional tile. It also happens to have the added benefit of coming in varieties that can emulate other types of residential flooring that you might have been considering.

Some homeowners are more than willing to sacrifice the authenticity of wood or stone in order to avoid their hazards and drawbacks, such as the potential for water damage or unsightly cracks. In those cases, some such homeowners are pleasantly surprised by how effectively vinyl tile can stand in for their first choice. They may be even more impressed months or years later when they discover that they can maintain the appearance of their vinyl tile without the need to call back the company that installed it in order to have it cleaned.

Of course, for others, the genuine appearance of wood, stone, or even traditional tile is worth the minor inconveniences that they might encounter over time. In that case, Fedco provides affordable residential cleaning services to keep your trickier flooring surfaces looking like the day they were installed.

Most decisions regarding flooring installation and maintenance come down to weighing pure aesthetics against practical benefits. We believe that vinyl tile is a wonderful compromise between these two factors, but we’d be more than happy to show you all of your alternatives, so you can decide which is most important to the future of your home.