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Resolve to Take Advantage of Fedco’s Floor Cleaning Services

It’s almost the end of the year, and we at Fedco Floor Services are working on our New Year’s resolutions. We hope that 2020 will be the start of a whole new decade of providing top-quality flooring to Columbus-area homes and businesses. And we also hope to help more of that flooring survive and thrive throughout the years to come.

Of course, this depends upon our clients reaching out to us and taking advantage of the professional cleaning services we offer alongside installation. And unfortunately, far too many of those clients put all their focus on replacing their Columbus flooring and forget about the long-term importance of cleaning and maintenance. Even in the best case scenario, this results in people living with carpets, tiles, and hardwoods that no longer come anywhere close to evoking the feeling they did when they were installed. In other cases, it means actually having to replace that flooring much sooner than necessary.

At this time of year, we urge all our clients – and all Columbus area property owners – to think back on the wear and tear their carpets have suffered over the past 12 monhs. Were there minor instances of water damage during a wet Ohio spring which you swept under the rug, so to speak? How much debris was tracked into the building in autumn? How much salt in winter? Can you even remember how your carpet looked last January? How closely does its color match what you see today? Has it picked up an odor from pets or spills?

These are all questions that you should ask every year, at a minimum. And for many people, there’s no better or more obvious time to do so than during the last days of the annual calendar. If you let staining and damage go unnoticed for too many months, you’re likely to end up simply adapting to conditions that ought to be beneath your standards as a property owner. But if you resolve to a professional cleaning from Fedco Floor Services, at least your flooring can start out the New Year with the kind of clean slate that so many people dream of.


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