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Will Your Columbus-Area Flooring Need Cleaning After Halloween?

We’ve advised you to get your Columbus-area flooring ready for the change of seasons and the additional hazards that come from fallen leaves and colder weather. But for some of our customers it may be worthwhile to focus on one specific day that could pose an imminent threat to Columbus-area flooring.

Of course, for most people, Halloween will only bring a succession of little feet to their doorstep. But some enterprising homeowners are sure to put their Columbus-area flooring on the line by organizing home-haunts and inviting all the neighbors in for a scare, or by hosting Halloween parties filled with potentially messy activities.

We wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from enjoying the holiday or helping others to do the same. But we would advise you to be prepared in case your Columbus-area flooring ends up in need of deep cleaning on or around November 1st.

Halloween activities can bring an awful lot of careless feet onto various types of flooring. Fragments of leaves and accumulated moisture can accelerate wear-and-tear unless rooted out right away. And that’s to say nothing of the risk of candy and stage makeup melting onto surfaces.

We don’t want to scare you, even though that would be in keeping with the season. But if your Columbus-area flooring is going to be exceptionally well-trafficked this Halloween, you might want to consider scheduling a cleaning with Fedco Floor Services ahead of time, to be sure your floors no longer look spooky after October is done.


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