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Fedco Floor Services Urges You to Keep Your Floors Germ-Free


At Fedco Floor Services, we’re committed to maximizing the comfort and enjoyment of your home. We’re also committed to your health and safety. The current coronavirus pandemic is a sober reminder of that latter role.

Non-essential commerce is at a standstill around Ohio, following Governor Mike DeWine’s stay-at-home order. We’re confident that the economic impact of the crisis will be temporary. But we’re hopeful that some of the relevant lessons will be permanent. Among these are lessons about the importance of cleanliness.

Across Ohio and the United States, countless people have adopted a 20-second hand-washing rule and have learned just how far short of that benchmark they were falling in the past. Ideally, this habit is carrying over into household cleaning, including the cleaning of floors.

Ordinarily, that is something that Fedco Floor Services would be able to help you with. But for the time being, you’ll have to rely on household cleaners to minimize the risk from microbes that can make you sick.

Fedco Floor Services can still help by making sure that you are armed with relevant information on the topic. And when Ohioans return to business as usual, you’ll once again be able to rely on us for deep cleaning and long-term maintenance of all your flooring surfaces.

This post isn’t intended to cause unnecessary alarm at what is already a stressful time. Rest assured, you don’t have much risk of catching Covid-19 from contaminated surfaces in your home unless a member of your family is sick. And even then, infected droplets on your floors are extremely unlikely to find their way to your mouth or nose, as long as you take very basic precautions.

Still, it’s worth keeping in mind that research shows the coronavirus can survive for anywhere between two hours and nine days on various surfaces. And since it’s more durable than flu, you shouldn’t take it for granted that you’ll always be protected by the cleaning practices that have kept you healthy in the past.

Non-porous surfaces like tile floors are the least accommodating to coronavirus, and they can be easily cleaned. But you may be surprised to know that studies of the similar virus that causes SARS show it can live on wood for four of five days. If you have hardwood floors, now is as good a time as any to make sure you’re using the best cleaning practices.

As long as you can’t schedule a deep cleaning, you can at least contact Fedco Floor Services for advice on the best products that are currently available to consumers. There are good options for all types of flooring, and any of them could play an important role in minimizing your exposure to all germs – not just coronavirus. While carpet, for example, is fairly inhospitable to viruses, it can hold onto bacteria for months under certain conditions.

We mention this because we at Fedco Floor Services want to help you do more than just keep yourself healthy during the ongoing crisis. We also want every surface in your home to be clean enough that you can enjoy it to the fullest while always remaining healthy and feeling secure.


Fedco Floor Services Recommends: Hardwood Compromises


Unsurprisingly, Fedco Floor Services gets a lot of requests for hardwood flooring installations. We also have a lot of customers who express an interest in hardwood before choosing a synthetic alternative for their Columbus home’s flooring.

Hardwood has a unique charm that is difficult to replicate. Certain laminates and vinyl floors come close, though. And for some customers at Fedco Floor Services, they end up being slightly preferable to hardwood because they are more resistant to scratching and scuffing.

Still, we recognize that it’s a trade-off. Sometimes, the practical choice just isn’t what you want. In those cases, we like to remind customers that following your heart doesn’t need to be impractical. There are ways to outfit a Columbus home with hardwood flooring while still staving off visible damage.

The solution may be as simple as choosing the right grain and finish. Hardwood flooring is by no means one-size-fits-all. And some varieties have a lot more texture than others. These tend to hide wear-and-tear much better.

Even if heavily-textured wood isn’t your first choice, Fedco Floor Services can help you to mix-and-match when designing your layout. Some customers place a more textured hardwood in the most heavily trafficked or damage-prone of a home, while leaving a more pristine finish in other areas. The two different looks can actually create a beautiful contrast for each other.

Along similar lines, you can even mix-and-match entirely different types of flooring on offer at Fedco Floor Services.

We’ve previously discussed some of the ways in which the same space can be outfitted with different flooring, depending on the form and function of each room. If the look of each room calls for hardwood, but you’re worried about it getting beaten up in some areas, there’s no reason why you can’t install hardwood in most areas while also cheating a little and interweaving laminates here and there.

Don’t worry if that’s the approach you take. At Fedco Floor Services, we’ll share all of our secrets regarding Columbus flooring solutions. But we won’t tell anyone yours.

Columbus Home Flooring that’s Safe for Pets


Is your Columbus home flooring pet-friendly? Have you ever thought of adopting a local shelter animal, only to hesitate over concerns about damage and cleanliness? Fedco Floor Services can help you to install new flooring that won’t be affected by even the most active dogs or cats. Or, if you’re not ready to change your Columbus home flooring to accommodate an animal, Fedco can help you design a plan for cleaning and maintaining what you already have installed.

There may be no better time to make this kind of change, especially if you want to do some good for the local community. It was recently reporting that Columbus Human would be temporarily halting public surrenders, following the sad news of more than 250 mistreated animals being recovered from a pet shop and its owner’s home. Because of limited shelter space and delayed surrenders, there’s sure to be a surge in animals needing adoption in the near future.

If you’re in a position to help alleviate that need, don’t let questions about your Columbus home flooring hold you back. If you’ve already been thinking of upgrading, let this be your last bit of motivation, and consider asking Fedco Floor Services to install vinyl flooring, which is waterproof and easy to clean, but also soft and comfortable for new, four-legged members of your family.

Other good alternatives include linoleum, bamboo, and laminate, all of which have unique pros and cons when it comes to making new pets feel at home without inviting them to do much damage. But this isn’t to suggest that you have to change your existing Columbus home flooring. If you love your carpet and you want to keep it, that’s fine. All it takes to make sensitive materials compatible with pets is a commitment to obedience training and readiness to call Fedco Floor Services for deep cleaning whenever the wear-and-tear gets to be too much. 


Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring in Columbus, Ohio


When choosing flooring in Columbus homes and offices, it’s important to be aware of your options. There are almost always pros and cons to any given choice, even if you’re strongly drawn to one option right off the bat.

This is the experience that a lot of people have with hardwood. And while we don’t want to discourage that choice in general, we understand that flooring in Columbus tends to face challenges that underscore hardwood’s drawbacks.

For that reason, if you’re drawn to hardwood, you should probably look closely at some of the alternatives that mimic its appearance. Although none of these are 100 percent perfect replicas, many of them are so convincing that no one who visits your Columbus home will be able to tell the difference at a glance.

Flooring in Columbus homes can evoke the same visual impression in the form of vinyl planks, laminates, and tile. All three of these offer a natural water-resistance that is extremely difficult to achieve by treating and finishing your hardwood floors. And you thank your lucky stars after you’ve installed that flooring in Columbus, because sometimes moisture turns out to be an even greater problem than one expects.

Additionally, water-resistance is only part of the overall durability of certain faux-wood options. And to the extent that these can be scratched and damaged like hardwoods, they are generally easier and cheaper to replace. Because of this, a modest investment can make flooring in Columbus homes not just durable and long-lived but also aesthetically diverse.

Flooring options like laminates come in a variety of wood grain patterns, and it’s barely more difficult to mix and match among them than it is to purchase and install one variety in bulk. Multiple hardwood floors in the same property might be cost-prohibitive. But when it comes to multiple floors that just look like hardwood, you have the opportunity to personalize every room of your house without compromising much in the process.

Fedco Floor Services Welcomes the Upsurge in Vinyl Flooring


The market for vinyl flooring is expected to grow 13 percent before 2024, and we at Fedco Floor Services have seen the beginnings of that trend. It’s easy to understand why vinyl alternatives are increasingly popular. They frequently offer a desirable compromise between a traditional aesthetic and a modern sense of durability.

Vinyl flooring has sometimes been described as “industrial strength,” and it is exceptionally easy to clean as well. At the same time, the Fedco Floor Services catalogue includes vinyl flooring with beautiful, natural-looking wood grain. This makes it a great stand-in for the hardwood flooring options that remain broadly popular in the Columbus area and throughout the U.S.

We highlighted the popularity of hardwood in the previous Fedco Floor Services blog post. Specifically, we noted that hardwood has a positive impact on the resale value of a home. But it bears mentioning that that depends on it remaining largely undamaged. If wear-and-tear is a serious concern, then wood grain-patterned vinyl may be even better for your Columbus flooring installation.

And with rising levels of popularity for vinyl flooring, you may eventually find that potential buyers are happy to set foot on vinyl flooring, even when hardwood options are available in the same market. It’s a question of whether you want to adhere to tradition or follow current patterns – and which you want to bet on for the future.

Fedco Floor Services is ready to help you make that decision by letting you compare these and other options side-by-side. And whatever you choose, we’ll be ready to undertake your Columbus flooring installation, and to help you keep your preferred surface clean, well-maintained, and free of damage.

Fedco Floor Services: We Love Your Pets!


Fedco Floor Services bids greetings to its customers’ furry friends. February 20 was National Love Your Pet Day. Residents of Columbus and cities across the US had an opportunity to give extra attention to their pets and think about what they can do to improve the quality of life for their animal companions.

You might not think of Fedco Floor Services as something that can help you with this. But in most households, pets spend a lot more time on the floor than people do. So it makes sense for the flooring in Columbus homes to be selected and maintained with an emphasis on any animals that live there.

Of course, there are two sides to this issue. You want your pets to be comfortable, but you probably also find it’s easier to show them affection if you’re not worrying the messes or the damage they can cause. In this sense, pet owners (and the owners of pet-friendly apartments) have a particular challenge in selecting from the various options offered by Fedco Floor Services.

On one hand, carpeting may reassure you that your pet always has a good place to lounge without climbing on furniture. But on the other hand, it risks becoming a magnet for stains. Still, if this turns out to be a problem that you can’t handle on your own, Fedco Floor Services can provide the sort of deep cleaning that leaves your carpets looking practically as good as new.

Alternatively, you can avoid the extra trouble of periodic maintenance by opting for a vinyl, laminate, or another of our flooring options that sacrifices a little comfort for easy cleaning and a great deal of resistance to scratches and stains.

As with any other single factor in your Columbus flooring selection, there are pros and cons to a number of different alternatives. Whether your main concern is your pet’s comfort or your own peace of mind, the exact right type of flooring is available, and Fedco Floor Services is prepared to help you find it.

Why Fedco Floor Services Watches Social and Political Trends


Fedco Floor Services is apolitical. But we believe in the value of keeping up with nationwide trends. It may seem surprising, but this can have a meaningful impact on choices of flooring in Columbus, OH. As circumstances change, people’s priorities and preferences can change in various areas, including the design and construction of the places they choose to live or invest in.

We mention this because we’ve noticed the sudden upsurge in popularity and awareness regarding a set of policies known as the Green New Deal. Without taking a position on the value or practicality of those policies, Fedco Floor Services can recognize the effect that it may have on national dialogue about climate change and environmentalism.

You might say that there’s been recent pushback against green priorities, but the overall societal trend has definitely been in favor of new approaches to resource management. This leads us to believe that more and more consumers will be taking environmental impact into account in many of their future decisions, including decisions about flooring in Columbus.

We at Fedco Floor Services don’t need to change our way of doing business in order to address that trend. Neither do we intend to. But we will be prepared to respond to inquiries regarding which types of flooring are best for insulation, which are most sustainable, and so on.

Fortunately, as the market pushes in the direction of greener alternatives, many buyers of flooring in Columbus, OH will find that a smaller carbon footprint often goes hand-in-hand with long-term cost savings. Better-insulated flooring is good for the environment, but also for your pocketbook. And sustainable like bamboo are often durable, as well.

Your own political views might influence your priorities as a consumer, but you might find that when it comes to flooring, it’s unusually easy to find common ground. And whatever your own priorities might be, we’re prepared to work with you to select that flooring that is best for your home, and perhaps also for the world around it.

Will Flooring in Columbus Follow National Trends?


Recent market research suggests that there is an ongoing increase in the demand for soft covering flooring products. While this research deals with national and even global trends, it’s probably safe to assume that it has some bearing on what to expect from flooring in Columbus over the coming months and years. Thus, that research may be of particular interest to Columbus real estate owners and property managers who deal extensively with multi-family homes.

If you’ve been in that field for a long time, you’ve probably witnessed the waxing and waning in popularity of various kinds of flooring in Columbus. On a national scale, hardwood and laminate floors grew in popularity as younger Generation Xers and then Millennials made their own homes and bucked many of the trends of their elders, who helped to popularize carpeting. Now soft covering may be making a comeback, and it’s up to property owners to consider whether to take advantage of that trend of wait for it to shift again.

There are a few ways to tackle this problem of competing alternatives for multi-family flooring in Columbus. One option for property owners is to stick with hardwood, laminates, or similar alternatives and provide individual units with area rugs in order to accommodate both general categories of flooring preference. Another option is to install altogether different flooring in different units, and pass on the final choice to tenants. And of course, you could simply go along with current trends and hope that they last long enough that none of your flooring in Columbus-area apartments starts to look out-of-fashion in the near future.

Whichever alternative you choose, Fedco Floor Services is here to help with selecting the appropriate floor covering and installing it. And even if you take the hard road of installing new flooring on a regular basis, you can trust that we will make the process as quick, inexpensive, and painless as possible.

Columbus Flooring Still Faces the Ravages of Winter


As of this posting, the upper Midwest is in the midst of the worst snow storm of the season. Fortunately, it has largely missed Ohio. But that doesn’t mean our home state is done with the ravages of winter. In fact, the nearby storm should serve as a reminder to our Columbus flooring clients: keep an eye on the wear-and-tear that your properties are experiencing in the first months of the year, so you can fix them promptly and be ready to make any large-scale upgrades that might seem desirable in the spring.

This advice goes double for you if you’re responsible for Columbus flooring in multi-family dwellings or other properties that are affected by uncertain conditions or sporadic vacancies. Existing cracks in tile or other solid flooring can become worse if moisture inside of them freezes. And of course melting snow and accumulated salt can wreak havoc on carpets and demand professional cleaning in order to prevent eventual replacement.

Hopefully Ohio has already seen the worst of winter this year, but Columbus flooring is never entirely out of danger. Of course, Fedco Floor Services can provide you with the most durable alternatives for the buildings your own or manage. But ultimately it is up to you to make sure those floors get the seasonal care they require to last a lifetime.

Let Fedco Floor Services Help You Plan for the Year Ahead


At the time of this posting, we are less than a week into 2018. Fedco Floor Services wishes all of its past and future clients a happy and prosperous New Year. We also encourage you to consider that the traditional refrain of “new year, new me” does not only need to apply to people. This is a good time to make resolutions not only for yourself but for the environment you live in, for your workspace, or for properties you rent.

Naturally, many clients of Fedco Floor Services prefer to wait until springtime to make substantial upgrades or changes to their Columbus-area flooring. Not only is this often logistically easier, it also allows an older floor to take all the wear-and-tear of Midwestern winters before being replaced.

If you share that preference, we see no need to discourage it. But take it from us: the process of choosing your Columbus flooring options and working out the details of the replacement project can take significantly longer than the client might have anticipated. With that in mind, we believe that January is a good time to start looking to the months ahead and fully articulating your renovation goals.

It’s never too early to contact Fedco Floor Services for guidance in planning such a renovation, whether you’re not certain about the type of flooring you want to have installed or you just need an independent assessment of the cost and scheduling. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help all throughout the year.

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