Fedco Floor Services Welcomes New Columbus-Area Developments


We at Fedco Floor Services are excited about the steady growth of news regarding Columbus-area developments. We hope to play a role in putting the finishing touches on some of the emerging projects, as multi-use residences and office buildings begin to take shape and their owners start looking for the Columbus flooring solutions that will turn them from simple buildings into fully realized homes and businesses.

As you’ll see by exploring the rest of our website, Feco Floor Services has a long history of sales, installation, and cleaning in Columbus, OH and the surrounding area. We’ve developed lasting relationships with a diverse array of residential developers and real estate owners who are surely just as excited as we are about the city’s ongoing growth.

It was recently reported that the planned 500 million dollar development of the 56-acre Scioto Peninsula is being broken up into a series of smaller-scale projects in order to encourage diversity and speed their completion. Fedco Floor Services would like to offer congratulations in advance to successful bidders on these and other projects.

We’re thrilled to see such stories, which reaffirm that the pace of development is accelerating. And if there’s any way we can help provide residents with a plant their feet, we are ready to match the pace with which new buildings take shape.