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Prepare for Reopening, or Wait it out, with Fedco Floor Services

Fedco Floor Services is looking forward to the resumption of ordinary sales and installation. But we’re not rushing it. As we noted in a previous post, aspects of our services are essential, so we’ve been here for you throughout the pandemic. And of course we’ll be here after lockdowns are over, too. In the meantime, we’re doing whatever we can to help clients ride out the crisis.

Much of the country is reopening, and we imagine that some of our clients are eager to get started on home renovation projects that were put on hold by the pandemic. Fedco Floor Services is here for you. We’ll still be maintaining distancing and sanitation policies, but if you’re comfortable having us in your home, we’ll be happy to install the new flooring that helps you to put this strange time behind you.

On the other hand, many people in the Columbus area can be expected to remain at home for some time to come. Local governments and institutions are taking the reopening process slowly, and vulnerable citizens probably shouldn’t try to sprint ahead. For those who feel it’s best to shelter in place until they get the all-clear, we’re still prepared to provide the cleaning and maintenance services that help keep your home safe and comfortable while you’re spending extra time there.

If you don’t know how you’re going to approach a return to normal life, that’s okay too. Despite all the debates between cautious policymakers and advocates for immediate reopening, there are probably a lot more people who still aren’t sure what to do. We sympathize with clients who fall into that category. We also know that the uncertainty complicates your relationship with Fedco Floor Services.

Should you move ahead with the re-flooring projects that you planned to complete in time for summer gatherings? Should you reevaluate your purchase options with an emphasis on cleaning and germ-resistance? Should you schedule cleaning of your existing floors, on the assumption that you’ll still be walking on them at all hours of the day, for weeks to come?

We can’t answer any of those questions for you. But Fedco Floor Services will work with you based on whatever you decide is best for your home. If you’re planning to be there for the long haul, it’s time to think about the floors that will best accommodate at-home summer activities. But if you’re itching to get away, it’s still important to make sure that the home you return to is somewhere close to your ideal.


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