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Post-Pandemic Plans with Fedco Floor Services

Fedco Floor Services is still here for you if you have essential maintenance and cleaning needs.

It’s still difficult to say when the coronavirus outbreak is going to subside enough for life to start returning to normal. But Fedco Floor Services is at least partly categorized as an essential business, so there are still functions we can perform while people are sheltering at home.

That’s as it should be, since public health concerns underscore the importance of professional cleaning. And given that people are sheltering inside their homes, it’s important that the floors of those homes be safe and in good repair. So if any of your surfaces are rotted, warped, or hazardous in any way, you shouldn’t hesitate to call us to fix them.

Rest assured that Fedco Floor Services has adopted new procedures to minimize contact, maintain social distancing, and maximize the safety of our workers and our customers. And of course, non-essential work is put on hold.

But we’re eagerly planning for the day when we resume normal operations. And whenever that day comes, Fedco Floor Services will be prepared to start working through our contracts in the most efficient and equitable way possible. Naturally, we’ll be starting with contracts that were put on hold by the pandemic, but if you’re a potential new client, we encourage you to call and discuss your plans with us. We’ll be happy to pencil you in for an appointment as soon as we can meet safely.

We encourage you to look past the tragedy, uncertainty, and discomfort of this moment. We’re certainly trying our best to do so. For one thing, we at Fedco Floor Services are actually hopeful that stay-at-home orders will help to improve people’s relationships with their dwellings.

In fact, that’s part of the reason why Fedco Floor Services is filling this time by taking calls with existing clients and potential future clients about their flooring needs.

You’ve probably been scrutinizing the features of your home for the past few weeks. And if you haven’t been, you’ll probably start in the weeks ahead. Something might start to rub you the wrong way, or you might start to envision changes that would make your home into a place that’s worth being quarantined in.

Whatever the case may be, we’re sure that Fedco Floor Services can help you repair that worn-down surfaces you’ve been overlooking, or install a type of flooring that doesn’t irritate your eyes or your feet after too much exposure.

We truly look forward to the day when we can start on projects that will help the entire Columbus area to put this challenging time behind us. We hope you’re looking forward to it as well.


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