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Make a First Impression with Quality Columbus Flooring

The New York Post recently called Columbus, OH a “Midwest sanctuary” and reported that people are moving to the area in droves from the East Coast. It’s a flattering commentary on the upward trajectory of the area, and it should be a signal to local property owners about the importance of making sure their property, and their Columbus flooring, keeps pace with the changing face of the region.

Mass relocation from places like New York means increased demand for real estate, and thus increased competition among property owners. In that environment, and especially as the area moves into springtime, you want prospective high-quality owners and tenants to get the best impression of your property, from the moment they literally set foot inside. The overall quality and seasonal upkeep of your Columbus flooring is a major part of that formula.

Think any time you’ve shown a property for rent. Do people cast their eyes to the ceiling at the first moment, or do they watch their step as they’re walking over the threshold? Flooring is central to the first impression your property makes, and Columbus flooring can give a very different impression based on how well it’s been kept up in the midst of widely varying, year-round conditions.

If you’re hoping to rent to recent transplants from New York or other high-cost areas, make a point of looking at your Columbus flooring with fresh eyes. Is it truly befitting of an up-and-coming Midwest sanctuary? If not, it may be worth calling Fedco Floor Services for deep cleaning or replacement, before the busy season goes into full gear.


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