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Let Fedco Floor Services Help You Plan for the Year Ahead

At the time of this posting, we are less than a week into 2018. Fedco Floor Services wishes all of its past and future clients a happy and prosperous New Year. We also encourage you to consider that the traditional refrain of “new year, new me” does not only need to apply to people. This is a good time to make resolutions not only for yourself but for the environment you live in, for your workspace, or for properties you rent.

Naturally, many clients of Fedco Floor Services prefer to wait until springtime to make substantial upgrades or changes to their Columbus-area flooring. Not only is this often logistically easier, it also allows an older floor to take all the wear-and-tear of Midwestern winters before being replaced.

If you share that preference, we see no need to discourage it. But take it from us: the process of choosing your Columbus flooring options and working out the details of the replacement project can take significantly longer than the client might have anticipated. With that in mind, we believe that January is a good time to start looking to the months ahead and fully articulating your renovation goals.

It’s never too early to contact Fedco Floor Services for guidance in planning such a renovation, whether you’re not certain about the type of flooring you want to have installed or you just need an independent assessment of the cost and scheduling. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help all throughout the year.


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