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Following Trends with Fedco Floor Services

Fedco Floor Services will be up-to-date with current flooring trends when society and business get back to normal. The coronavirus pause has encouraged us to focus more of our attention on trade publications and sales records in order to understand what people wanted at the start of 2020, and what they might want in the latter half of the year.

There are several trend categories that are important to us at Fedco Floor Services. We want to be able to make an educated guess about when, and how often, people will be replacing or upgrading their flooring in the near future. And we want to understand which surface types will have the most and the least demand.

Trends in demand are also worth breaking down in terms of the type of customer. Trends often run in different directions for blue collar buyers and for luxury homeowners or real estate developers. Fedco Floor Services has performed installations for customers on both ends of that spectrum. We have every intention of continuing to do so. And we plan to be able to point every type of customer toward what’s most likely to appeal to them.

Interestingly, luxury and everyday flooring trends can sometimes follow similar trends. From what we’ve seen, light colored flooring is becoming more prevalent in luxury homes. This obviously includes hardwood surfaces like white oak. But in some areas, it may also refer to certain types of light-colored stone, or even finished cement.

Each of these types of flooring comes in less expensive forms that are definitely suitable for customers of Fedco Floor Services who have lower budgets. That’s a good thing to keep in mind, because it opens up the possibility for more Columbus-area customers to upgrade their homes with a sophisticated look. Low-cost alternatives to luxury flooring will definitely be good to have as the country continues recovering from the pandemic. They may even increase re-sale value quite a bit, especially if current trends continue.

But it’s important to keep in mind that those trends have an impact on more than just installation. Fedco Floor Services include professional cleaning, and that particular service will take on new importance if Ohio homeowners follow national trends and encourage the popularity of lighter colors.

That might actually be a happy coincidence, under the circumstances. As we previously wrote about, the coronavirus pandemic was driving up demand for professional cleaning services anyway. It’s easy to imagine that that before this crisis winds down, some homeowners will specifically embrace the trend toward lighter floors because it encourages more frequent, and more professional, cleaning and maintenance.


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