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Fedco Floor Services: for Summer Weather Conditions

With temperatures climbing and humidity levels fluctuating across Ohio, Fedco floor services would like to take the opportunity to call attention to the danger that summer weather can pose to certain types of flooring, such as hardwood and laminates.

In previous posts, we’ve emphasized the threat posed by water damage and salt in the winter months. And we’ve also made a point of highlighting the particular risks of wide-ranging seasonal changes, which make it important for property owners in and around Columbus to rely on professionals like Fedco floor services to regularly clean and maintain their more sensitive surfaces.

Everyone with carpeted floors is aware of the need for deep cleaning after periods of heavy foot traffic, which often coincide with the summer months. But not as many people pay attention to the havoc that hot, humid days can wreak on other types of flooring.

Fedco floor services can, of course, mitigate these dangers through professional installation, as by providing space under the baseboard so laminate flooring can expand and adapt to more humid conditions. Maintenance and cleaning can also reduce those effects once they’ve been incurred.

But many weather-related dangers can be avoided at the outset by carefully choosing the flooring you have installed in different areas, or by controlling the conditions that that flooring is exposed to.

Of course, many customers lack the relevant knowledge of which conditions are dangerous to which type of flooring, but this is something that the staff at Fedco floor services are eager to help you understand. Toward that end, they are ready in any season to work closely with you while making sure that you get the greatest possible enjoyment and the longest possible life out of the flooring in any building or room you own.


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