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Diverse Flooring in Columbus Public Venues

Most people probably don’t think very much about the flooring in Columbus entertainment venues or commercial spaces. Of course, that’s part of our job at Fedco Floor Services. So when new construction gets under way in the local area, we often think about the kinds of flooring that might be best suited for it.

This can be a fun exercise even if your professional life doesn’t involve installing carpet and laminates. It can give anyone an opportunity to think about how they might use similar spaces. How does the flooring in Columbus restaurants compare to that of retail spaces? What makes a certain kind of flooring right for a gallery or a performance venue? And how do those spaces compare to your experience with the flooring in Columbus properties you rent or own?

We recently found ourselves thinking about these sorts of questions when design plans were released for the Columbus Crew Soccer Club’s new downtown stadium. The summary of those plans didn’t get into details about flooring. But the stadium’s various features suggest that there could be several different types featured throughout.

The West concourse will lead to standard seating, but also to player boxes, club seats, and a lounge. It’s difficult to imagine most stadium spaces with any sort of delicate flooring, but it’s also kind of difficult to imagine a lounge without carpet. And the diverse potential for the stadium is made more obvious by the fact that it is not exclusively going to be used as a sports venue.

At the entrance plaza, a 5,000 square foot Brew Hall is expected to be used for various community events. This goes to show that sometimes, when selecting the flooring in Columbus venues, it’s necessary to think of all the different ways in which the space might be used. And really, it’s the same with residential homes. Owners should try to imagine a building’s full potential in order to find just the right compromise between durability, versatility, appearance, and cost.


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