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Columbus Flooring Still Faces the Ravages of Winter

As of this posting, the upper Midwest is in the midst of the worst snow storm of the season. Fortunately, it has largely missed Ohio. But that doesn’t mean our home state is done with the ravages of winter. In fact, the nearby storm should serve as a reminder to our Columbus flooring clients: keep an eye on the wear-and-tear that your properties are experiencing in the first months of the year, so you can fix them promptly and be ready to make any large-scale upgrades that might seem desirable in the spring.

This advice goes double for you if you’re responsible for Columbus flooring in multi-family dwellings or other properties that are affected by uncertain conditions or sporadic vacancies. Existing cracks in tile or other solid flooring can become worse if moisture inside of them freezes. And of course melting snow and accumulated salt can wreak havoc on carpets and demand professional cleaning in order to prevent eventual replacement.

Hopefully Ohio has already seen the worst of winter this year, but Columbus flooring is never entirely out of danger. Of course, Fedco Floor Services can provide you with the most durable alternatives for the buildings your own or manage. But ultimately it is up to you to make sure those floors get the seasonal care they require to last a lifetime.


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