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Online Inspiration for Your Columbus Flooring Project


Rental websites can be a useful resource when contemplating a Columbus flooring project. Sure, it can be fun to dream up options on your own. But by reviewing what’s currently on the market, you can give your potential choices a helpful context.

There are different ways to approach this. You can look at listings randomly and get a general overview of Columbus flooring. Or you can filter by neighborhood and see whether there are any trends that set certain areas apart from others. And of course you can also look at different price ranges and see which types of Columbus flooring seem to add value to an apartment.

What you do with this data is still up to you. If your own Columbus flooring project is in one of the neighborhoods you looked at, you’ll have to ask yourself how your property should fit in. Maybe you want to follow the trend and attract the same types of residents. But there’s also something to be said for setting your property apart, so occupants can feel like they have something their neighbors don’t.

A comparison of rental rates and Columbus flooring trends can tell you something about what you can afford to charge. But it can also convey ideas about how to elevate the look of a rental property and make it look like it’s worth more than it is.

Regardless of what you personally take away from it, we hope that a review of rental sites is a source of inspiration for your Columbus flooring project. But if sifting through the listings seems too complicated or time-consuming, we at Fedco Floor Services can also give you an idea about what’s trending, what’s popular, and what’s fetching a good price today.


Fedco Floor Services Recommends: Hardwood Compromises


Unsurprisingly, Fedco Floor Services gets a lot of requests for hardwood flooring installations. We also have a lot of customers who express an interest in hardwood before choosing a synthetic alternative for their Columbus home’s flooring.

Hardwood has a unique charm that is difficult to replicate. Certain laminates and vinyl floors come close, though. And for some customers at Fedco Floor Services, they end up being slightly preferable to hardwood because they are more resistant to scratching and scuffing.

Still, we recognize that it’s a trade-off. Sometimes, the practical choice just isn’t what you want. In those cases, we like to remind customers that following your heart doesn’t need to be impractical. There are ways to outfit a Columbus home with hardwood flooring while still staving off visible damage.

The solution may be as simple as choosing the right grain and finish. Hardwood flooring is by no means one-size-fits-all. And some varieties have a lot more texture than others. These tend to hide wear-and-tear much better.

Even if heavily-textured wood isn’t your first choice, Fedco Floor Services can help you to mix-and-match when designing your layout. Some customers place a more textured hardwood in the most heavily trafficked or damage-prone of a home, while leaving a more pristine finish in other areas. The two different looks can actually create a beautiful contrast for each other.

Along similar lines, you can even mix-and-match entirely different types of flooring on offer at Fedco Floor Services.

We’ve previously discussed some of the ways in which the same space can be outfitted with different flooring, depending on the form and function of each room. If the look of each room calls for hardwood, but you’re worried about it getting beaten up in some areas, there’s no reason why you can’t install hardwood in most areas while also cheating a little and interweaving laminates here and there.

Don’t worry if that’s the approach you take. At Fedco Floor Services, we’ll share all of our secrets regarding Columbus flooring solutions. But we won’t tell anyone yours.

Diverse Flooring in Columbus Public Venues


Most people probably don’t think very much about the flooring in Columbus entertainment venues or commercial spaces. Of course, that’s part of our job at Fedco Floor Services. So when new construction gets under way in the local area, we often think about the kinds of flooring that might be best suited for it.

This can be a fun exercise even if your professional life doesn’t involve installing carpet and laminates. It can give anyone an opportunity to think about how they might use similar spaces. How does the flooring in Columbus restaurants compare to that of retail spaces? What makes a certain kind of flooring right for a gallery or a performance venue? And how do those spaces compare to your experience with the flooring in Columbus properties you rent or own?

We recently found ourselves thinking about these sorts of questions when design plans were released for the Columbus Crew Soccer Club’s new downtown stadium. The summary of those plans didn’t get into details about flooring. But the stadium’s various features suggest that there could be several different types featured throughout.

The West concourse will lead to standard seating, but also to player boxes, club seats, and a lounge. It’s difficult to imagine most stadium spaces with any sort of delicate flooring, but it’s also kind of difficult to imagine a lounge without carpet. And the diverse potential for the stadium is made more obvious by the fact that it is not exclusively going to be used as a sports venue.

At the entrance plaza, a 5,000 square foot Brew Hall is expected to be used for various community events. This goes to show that sometimes, when selecting the flooring in Columbus venues, it’s necessary to think of all the different ways in which the space might be used. And really, it’s the same with residential homes. Owners should try to imagine a building’s full potential in order to find just the right compromise between durability, versatility, appearance, and cost.

Columbus Home Flooring that’s Safe for Pets


Is your Columbus home flooring pet-friendly? Have you ever thought of adopting a local shelter animal, only to hesitate over concerns about damage and cleanliness? Fedco Floor Services can help you to install new flooring that won’t be affected by even the most active dogs or cats. Or, if you’re not ready to change your Columbus home flooring to accommodate an animal, Fedco can help you design a plan for cleaning and maintaining what you already have installed.

There may be no better time to make this kind of change, especially if you want to do some good for the local community. It was recently reporting that Columbus Human would be temporarily halting public surrenders, following the sad news of more than 250 mistreated animals being recovered from a pet shop and its owner’s home. Because of limited shelter space and delayed surrenders, there’s sure to be a surge in animals needing adoption in the near future.

If you’re in a position to help alleviate that need, don’t let questions about your Columbus home flooring hold you back. If you’ve already been thinking of upgrading, let this be your last bit of motivation, and consider asking Fedco Floor Services to install vinyl flooring, which is waterproof and easy to clean, but also soft and comfortable for new, four-legged members of your family.

Other good alternatives include linoleum, bamboo, and laminate, all of which have unique pros and cons when it comes to making new pets feel at home without inviting them to do much damage. But this isn’t to suggest that you have to change your existing Columbus home flooring. If you love your carpet and you want to keep it, that’s fine. All it takes to make sensitive materials compatible with pets is a commitment to obedience training and readiness to call Fedco Floor Services for deep cleaning whenever the wear-and-tear gets to be too much. 


Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring in Columbus, Ohio


When choosing flooring in Columbus homes and offices, it’s important to be aware of your options. There are almost always pros and cons to any given choice, even if you’re strongly drawn to one option right off the bat.

This is the experience that a lot of people have with hardwood. And while we don’t want to discourage that choice in general, we understand that flooring in Columbus tends to face challenges that underscore hardwood’s drawbacks.

For that reason, if you’re drawn to hardwood, you should probably look closely at some of the alternatives that mimic its appearance. Although none of these are 100 percent perfect replicas, many of them are so convincing that no one who visits your Columbus home will be able to tell the difference at a glance.

Flooring in Columbus homes can evoke the same visual impression in the form of vinyl planks, laminates, and tile. All three of these offer a natural water-resistance that is extremely difficult to achieve by treating and finishing your hardwood floors. And you thank your lucky stars after you’ve installed that flooring in Columbus, because sometimes moisture turns out to be an even greater problem than one expects.

Additionally, water-resistance is only part of the overall durability of certain faux-wood options. And to the extent that these can be scratched and damaged like hardwoods, they are generally easier and cheaper to replace. Because of this, a modest investment can make flooring in Columbus homes not just durable and long-lived but also aesthetically diverse.

Flooring options like laminates come in a variety of wood grain patterns, and it’s barely more difficult to mix and match among them than it is to purchase and install one variety in bulk. Multiple hardwood floors in the same property might be cost-prohibitive. But when it comes to multiple floors that just look like hardwood, you have the opportunity to personalize every room of your house without compromising much in the process.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

As Real Estate Remains Strong, Columbus Flooring is Still Important


Columbus flooring serves two equally important roles. You may select it to reflect your own needs and preferences when customizing a home. Or you may select it to improve resale value and stand out in a very active real estate market.

The first of these roles is obvious. Making that kind of Columbus flooring selection depends on what it going on in your own life. It depends on your budget and the information you’ve acquired about different options. But it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the market.

When it comes to improving a home that you might intend to sell, though, there are factors outside of your own control. But if you’re considering putting a home on the market after installing new Columbus flooring, we’re here to tell you that now is a good time to do so.

Actually, that’s been the case for a remarkably long time. The local area has been near the top of the US real estate market for 10 of the last 15 months. It’s even been in the number one slot, and right now it’s number four. Average prices are up from where they were in spring, and they seem to be holding steady year-on-year.

At the same time, there are more homes on the market. If you’re looking to sell, you can get a good price. But you’ll have to compete with a lot of other properties, including some that are newly built. In a situation like that, renovations and upgrades can make all the difference. And as we’ve mentioned before, your choice of Columbus flooring is among the most influential changes you can make to a local home.

If you scroll back through this blog, you may get some ideas about how to manage first impressions with Columbus flooring. Alternatively, you can contact Fedco Floor Services to discuss the available options and compare them to what potential buyers will be seeing in the homes that are on the market today.

Fedco Floor Services Welcomes the Upsurge in Vinyl Flooring


The market for vinyl flooring is expected to grow 13 percent before 2024, and we at Fedco Floor Services have seen the beginnings of that trend. It’s easy to understand why vinyl alternatives are increasingly popular. They frequently offer a desirable compromise between a traditional aesthetic and a modern sense of durability.

Vinyl flooring has sometimes been described as “industrial strength,” and it is exceptionally easy to clean as well. At the same time, the Fedco Floor Services catalogue includes vinyl flooring with beautiful, natural-looking wood grain. This makes it a great stand-in for the hardwood flooring options that remain broadly popular in the Columbus area and throughout the U.S.

We highlighted the popularity of hardwood in the previous Fedco Floor Services blog post. Specifically, we noted that hardwood has a positive impact on the resale value of a home. But it bears mentioning that that depends on it remaining largely undamaged. If wear-and-tear is a serious concern, then wood grain-patterned vinyl may be even better for your Columbus flooring installation.

And with rising levels of popularity for vinyl flooring, you may eventually find that potential buyers are happy to set foot on vinyl flooring, even when hardwood options are available in the same market. It’s a question of whether you want to adhere to tradition or follow current patterns – and which you want to bet on for the future.

Fedco Floor Services is ready to help you make that decision by letting you compare these and other options side-by-side. And whatever you choose, we’ll be ready to undertake your Columbus flooring installation, and to help you keep your preferred surface clean, well-maintained, and free of damage.

Resale Value and Columbus Flooring


We’ve previously talked about Columbus flooring alternatives in the context of the local economy’s upward trajectory. We noted that people have been relocating to the area and that a building owner’s choice of Columbus flooring should try to appeal to transplants from larger urban centers.

Of course, that advice is mostly directed at owners of multifamily homes. It may also be useful to those who are planning to rent office space to companies that relocate here or open satellite locations. But what about all the individual homeowners who may or may not exploit rising demand for real estate in the near future?

If you’re thinking of renovating your local area home but you think there’s a possibility you’ll sell it at some point, what’s the right Columbus flooring for you?

There’s no definitive answer to this question. You’ll have to carefully consider the trade-offs between following your bliss and staying practical. And there is probably a compromise that stays close to your ideal Columbus flooring option while minimizing depreciation.

But as a general rule, if you have any concern for resale value, hardwood floors are the safest best. If and when the time comes to sell, Fedco floor services can help to clean and refurbish this type of Columbus flooring so it looks brand new.

Crucially, when that happens, the floor will also look like a blank canvas. It’s usually very easy for buyers to look at a hardwood floors and imagine whatever overlays or furnishings they think will work best. And fortunately, the existing homeowner has the same luxury.

You can cover over hardwood with an area rug, top-layer carpeting, or anything else that will help your house to be a home, right up until it becomes a commodity.

Open Houses: a Showcase for Columbus-Area Flooring


With spring upon us, you can expect more real estate open houses in Ohio. More brokers and private sellers will be inviting you to walk over Columbus-area flooring if you’re looking for a new place to live, or for a real estate investment of your own.

If you do fit into either of those categories, you should consider that open houses can serve other purposes beyond simply prompting you to choose the best of the available options. It can also give you an opportunity to compare regional design trends and the features of houses and multi-family residences that are currently on the market. Of course this includes Columbus-area flooring.

In this sense, the open house circuit offers potential inspiration for renovations and upgrades that you might want to make somewhere down the line, either at the property you choose to purchase or at another property you separately own.

You can always just contact Fedco Floor Services instead, if you want a list of Columbus-area flooring options and their potential applications. But even though we’re confident that we can tell you everything you need to know about each item in our catalog, we recognize that there’s nothing quite like seeing flooring that’s already been installed, matched to its surroundings, and lived in.

So if you’re in the market for a new Ohio home or even just for new Columbus-area flooring, we’d encourage you to take advantage of available open houses. Keep your phone at the ready to take pictures of any flooring options that speak to you, and if you have any questions about cost, installation, and so on, feel free to show us what you’ve found.

Fedco Floor Services: We Love Your Pets!


Fedco Floor Services bids greetings to its customers’ furry friends. February 20 was National Love Your Pet Day. Residents of Columbus and cities across the US had an opportunity to give extra attention to their pets and think about what they can do to improve the quality of life for their animal companions.

You might not think of Fedco Floor Services as something that can help you with this. But in most households, pets spend a lot more time on the floor than people do. So it makes sense for the flooring in Columbus homes to be selected and maintained with an emphasis on any animals that live there.

Of course, there are two sides to this issue. You want your pets to be comfortable, but you probably also find it’s easier to show them affection if you’re not worrying the messes or the damage they can cause. In this sense, pet owners (and the owners of pet-friendly apartments) have a particular challenge in selecting from the various options offered by Fedco Floor Services.

On one hand, carpeting may reassure you that your pet always has a good place to lounge without climbing on furniture. But on the other hand, it risks becoming a magnet for stains. Still, if this turns out to be a problem that you can’t handle on your own, Fedco Floor Services can provide the sort of deep cleaning that leaves your carpets looking practically as good as new.

Alternatively, you can avoid the extra trouble of periodic maintenance by opting for a vinyl, laminate, or another of our flooring options that sacrifices a little comfort for easy cleaning and a great deal of resistance to scratches and stains.

As with any other single factor in your Columbus flooring selection, there are pros and cons to a number of different alternatives. Whether your main concern is your pet’s comfort or your own peace of mind, the exact right type of flooring is available, and Fedco Floor Services is prepared to help you find it.

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