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Why Fedco Floor Services Watches Social and Political Trends


Fedco Floor Services is apolitical. But we believe in the value of keeping up with nationwide trends. It may seem surprising, but this can have a meaningful impact on choices of flooring in Columbus, OH. As circumstances change, people’s priorities and preferences can change in various areas, including the design and construction of the places they choose to live or invest in.

We mention this because we’ve noticed the sudden upsurge in popularity and awareness regarding a set of policies known as the Green New Deal. Without taking a position on the value or practicality of those policies, Fedco Floor Services can recognize the effect that it may have on national dialogue about climate change and environmentalism.

You might say that there’s been recent pushback against green priorities, but the overall societal trend has definitely been in favor of new approaches to resource management. This leads us to believe that more and more consumers will be taking environmental impact into account in many of their future decisions, including decisions about flooring in Columbus.

We at Fedco Floor Services don’t need to change our way of doing business in order to address that trend. Neither do we intend to. But we will be prepared to respond to inquiries regarding which types of flooring are best for insulation, which are most sustainable, and so on.

Fortunately, as the market pushes in the direction of greener alternatives, many buyers of flooring in Columbus, OH will find that a smaller carbon footprint often goes hand-in-hand with long-term cost savings. Better-insulated flooring is good for the environment, but also for your pocketbook. And sustainable like bamboo are often durable, as well.

Your own political views might influence your priorities as a consumer, but you might find that when it comes to flooring, it’s unusually easy to find common ground. And whatever your own priorities might be, we’re prepared to work with you to select that flooring that is best for your home, and perhaps also for the world around it.

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Building Holiday Traditions Upon Columbus Flooring


Last month, we talked about how hosting a Thanksgiving meal can get people thinking about kitchen flooring in Columbus homes. Now that it’s December, much of that same discussion can be applied to Christmas, which may bring similar challenges to host kitchens. At the same time, other types of flooring in Columbus may also receive unprecedented wear at the forthcoming holiday, simply from the foot traffic of visiting relatives, or from children turning carpet into just another piece of furniture as they spend time opening gifts and playing with newfound treasures.

Once again, the heavier use of various types of flooring may inspire homeowners to reconsider whether their current surfaces will be suitable over the long term. Perhaps you’ve already thought about new options for the kitchen flooring in your Columbus home. But now it may be time to decide whether your living room flooring provides adequate comfort, or whether the room where you do most of your entertaining is too prone to picking up stains on its floor.

In Columbus as throughout the world, new traditions are constantly being invented and reinvented on major holidays. So if you expect this year to be the start of your long-term role as host of local festivities for Christmas or any other holiday, it may be time for you to start building the right environment for those festivities, from the ground up. That is to say, you should begin with the right choice of flooring, and never again worry about whether a given room in your Columbus home is the best place for whatever happens there, be it once a year or every day.

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Prepare for Thanksgiving, or Recover from it, with Fedco Floor Services


It’s November, and for many people in the Columbus area, that means their kitchens are about to get more use than any other time of the year. Thanksgiving is a good time to reexamine the state of your kitchen, and that may include the makeup of your kitchen floor.

Fedco Floor Services provide a wide range of Columbus area flooring options. But we find that for many consumers, their sense of customizability doesn’t quite extend into the food prep area. Some people grew up with tile floors in their kitchens and decided that that was the only viable option. But hardwood, cork, laminates, and even concrete are all good alternatives for Columbus area homeowners. And all of them represent unique advantages, depending on how you kitchen is used throughout the year.

Any problems you encounter on Thanksgiving Day – such as excessive noise, poor traction, wear-and-tear, or difficulty in cleaning – are problems that you might wish to discuss with Fedco Floor Services the next time you consider replacing or upgrading your kitchen flooring. After all, the issues your kitchen confronts on the busiest day of the year are likely to crop show up on a smaller scale throughout the year.

If Fedco Floor Services can help you to address those issues, it may greatly improve the experience you have in a room that many people consider the heart of the home. Alternatively, if you find you are just looking to reset and get back to normal after the challenges of Thanksgiving Day, you can rely on Fedco Floor Services to thoroughly clean and repair any kitchen floor that has taken a more serious beating than it’s used to.


Will Your Columbus-Area Flooring Need Cleaning After Halloween?


We’ve advised you to get your Columbus-area flooring ready for the change of seasons and the additional hazards that come from fallen leaves and colder weather. But for some of our customers it may be worthwhile to focus on one specific day that could pose an imminent threat to Columbus-area flooring.

Of course, for most people, Halloween will only bring a succession of little feet to their doorstep. But some enterprising homeowners are sure to put their Columbus-area flooring on the line by organizing home-haunts and inviting all the neighbors in for a scare, or by hosting Halloween parties filled with potentially messy activities.

We wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from enjoying the holiday or helping others to do the same. But we would advise you to be prepared in case your Columbus-area flooring ends up in need of deep cleaning on or around November 1st.

Halloween activities can bring an awful lot of careless feet onto various types of flooring. Fragments of leaves and accumulated moisture can accelerate wear-and-tear unless rooted out right away. And that’s to say nothing of the risk of candy and stage makeup melting onto surfaces.

We don’t want to scare you, even though that would be in keeping with the season. But if your Columbus-area flooring is going to be exceptionally well-trafficked this Halloween, you might want to consider scheduling a cleaning with Fedco Floor Services ahead of time, to be sure your floors no longer look spooky after October is done.

Growing Need for Multi-Seasonal Columbus Flooring


The weather in the Great Lakes region has been finicky heading into the start of autumn. Now in the middle of September we still seem to be sort of caught between summer and fall, and this has implications for Columbus flooring. It’s a phenomenon that may not be unique to this year, but may instead reflect a general trend toward longer summers and fluctuating transitions between seasons.

On this blog, we’ve talked plenty about how local weather can wreak havoc on Columbus flooring and amplify the need for professional cleaning from a company like Fedco Floor Services. All of that is worth keeping in mind as Mother Nature decides what season we’re going to occupy for the rest of September.

But up to this point, we’ve given comparatively little attention to how changes in the local climate might actually change one’s decisions regarding flooring options in the first place. Whereas the anticipation of long, hard winters might have once made someone opt for carpeting in living areas, nowadays the lingering summer heat could make tile and laminates seem like more attractive Columbus flooring options.

Whether or not your own decision-making has changed in this area, it’s a good idea to look at the times of transition between seasons and think about which Columbus flooring alternatives will maximize your comfort all throughout the year. Of course, we’re happy to help you come to a conclusion on that point. And afterward Fedco Floor Services can also help you make the best of that decision by keeping your Columbus flooring in good repair at all times.

Will Flooring in Columbus Follow National Trends?


Recent market research suggests that there is an ongoing increase in the demand for soft covering flooring products. While this research deals with national and even global trends, it’s probably safe to assume that it has some bearing on what to expect from flooring in Columbus over the coming months and years. Thus, that research may be of particular interest to Columbus real estate owners and property managers who deal extensively with multi-family homes.

If you’ve been in that field for a long time, you’ve probably witnessed the waxing and waning in popularity of various kinds of flooring in Columbus. On a national scale, hardwood and laminate floors grew in popularity as younger Generation Xers and then Millennials made their own homes and bucked many of the trends of their elders, who helped to popularize carpeting. Now soft covering may be making a comeback, and it’s up to property owners to consider whether to take advantage of that trend of wait for it to shift again.

There are a few ways to tackle this problem of competing alternatives for multi-family flooring in Columbus. One option for property owners is to stick with hardwood, laminates, or similar alternatives and provide individual units with area rugs in order to accommodate both general categories of flooring preference. Another option is to install altogether different flooring in different units, and pass on the final choice to tenants. And of course, you could simply go along with current trends and hope that they last long enough that none of your flooring in Columbus-area apartments starts to look out-of-fashion in the near future.

Whichever alternative you choose, Fedco Floor Services is here to help with selecting the appropriate floor covering and installing it. And even if you take the hard road of installing new flooring on a regular basis, you can trust that we will make the process as quick, inexpensive, and painless as possible.

Fedco Floor Services: for Summer Weather Conditions


With temperatures climbing and humidity levels fluctuating across Ohio, Fedco floor services would like to take the opportunity to call attention to the danger that summer weather can pose to certain types of flooring, such as hardwood and laminates.

In previous posts, we’ve emphasized the threat posed by water damage and salt in the winter months. And we’ve also made a point of highlighting the particular risks of wide-ranging seasonal changes, which make it important for property owners in and around Columbus to rely on professionals like Fedco floor services to regularly clean and maintain their more sensitive surfaces.

Everyone with carpeted floors is aware of the need for deep cleaning after periods of heavy foot traffic, which often coincide with the summer months. But not as many people pay attention to the havoc that hot, humid days can wreak on other types of flooring.

Fedco floor services can, of course, mitigate these dangers through professional installation, as by providing space under the baseboard so laminate flooring can expand and adapt to more humid conditions. Maintenance and cleaning can also reduce those effects once they’ve been incurred.

But many weather-related dangers can be avoided at the outset by carefully choosing the flooring you have installed in different areas, or by controlling the conditions that that flooring is exposed to.

Of course, many customers lack the relevant knowledge of which conditions are dangerous to which type of flooring, but this is something that the staff at Fedco floor services are eager to help you understand. Toward that end, they are ready in any season to work closely with you while making sure that you get the greatest possible enjoyment and the longest possible life out of the flooring in any building or room you own.


Fedco Floor Services Welcomes New Columbus-Area Developments


We at Fedco Floor Services are excited about the steady growth of news regarding Columbus-area developments. We hope to play a role in putting the finishing touches on some of the emerging projects, as multi-use residences and office buildings begin to take shape and their owners start looking for the Columbus flooring solutions that will turn them from simple buildings into fully realized homes and businesses.

As you’ll see by exploring the rest of our website, Feco Floor Services has a long history of sales, installation, and cleaning in Columbus, OH and the surrounding area. We’ve developed lasting relationships with a diverse array of residential developers and real estate owners who are surely just as excited as we are about the city’s ongoing growth.

It was recently reported that the planned 500 million dollar development of the 56-acre Scioto Peninsula is being broken up into a series of smaller-scale projects in order to encourage diversity and speed their completion. Fedco Floor Services would like to offer congratulations in advance to successful bidders on these and other projects.

We’re thrilled to see such stories, which reaffirm that the pace of development is accelerating. And if there’s any way we can help provide residents with a plant their feet, we are ready to match the pace with which new buildings take shape.

Could the Public Get Excited over Columbus Flooring?


In New York City, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is reportedly testing out new types of flooring in its subway cars. The public reaction is something that might be of interest to those of our customers whose Columbus flooring is easily recognizable to the public. The trouble is, perhaps not all those people know who they are.

It’s not as though the public in New York was either overwhelmed or dismayed by the prospective change, but they certainly did notice it. Some described feeling disoriented. But if you’d brought up the subject weeks earlier, they probably wouldn’t have expected a simple change in flooring to have much of an impact. You tend not to think about these things until they’re right under your nose (or your feet).

In a previous post, we pointed out that Columbus flooring can leave a lasting first impression on new arrivals to the area. Coincidentally, a lot of those new arrivals are coming from New York. Some of them will arrive with a newfound appreciation for the comfortable familiarity that well-chosen flooring may provide.

Meanwhile, providers of Columbus flooring might learn something from these New Yorkers, namely that when the features of a familiar place change, people are sure to talk about it. That being the case, it’s best to make sure that such changes are recognizable improvements. If they are, the public chatter about a place has a better chance of taking on, or sustaining, a positive tone.


Make a First Impression with Quality Columbus Flooring


The New York Post recently called Columbus, OH a “Midwest sanctuary” and reported that people are moving to the area in droves from the East Coast. It’s a flattering commentary on the upward trajectory of the area, and it should be a signal to local property owners about the importance of making sure their property, and their Columbus flooring, keeps pace with the changing face of the region.

Mass relocation from places like New York means increased demand for real estate, and thus increased competition among property owners. In that environment, and especially as the area moves into springtime, you want prospective high-quality owners and tenants to get the best impression of your property, from the moment they literally set foot inside. The overall quality and seasonal upkeep of your Columbus flooring is a major part of that formula.

Think any time you’ve shown a property for rent. Do people cast their eyes to the ceiling at the first moment, or do they watch their step as they’re walking over the threshold? Flooring is central to the first impression your property makes, and Columbus flooring can give a very different impression based on how well it’s been kept up in the midst of widely varying, year-round conditions.

If you’re hoping to rent to recent transplants from New York or other high-cost areas, make a point of looking at your Columbus flooring with fresh eyes. Is it truly befitting of an up-and-coming Midwest sanctuary? If not, it may be worth calling Fedco Floor Services for deep cleaning or replacement, before the busy season goes into full gear.

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